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Number of Students

The number of admissions per year is limited to a maximum of thirty-five (35) students per course group. The programme requires a minimum of ten students, which can be modified by decision of the Assembly. The number of course groups cannot exceed three (3).


Admission Selection Criteria and Registration

Eligible candidates include residents of any country except Greece, who are holders of a high school certificate or an equivalent education certificate, level 3, according to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), and a certificate of competence in English (for non-English-speaking countries). Additional criteria also involve the students’ ability to meet living expenses during studies, which are specified by the Assembly.

Upon enrolment, students receive a registration certificate, which they must present to the Greek consular authorities of their country to obtain an entry and residence permit for studies (Schengen visa), valid for 4.5 years (it includes 6 months of optional placement).


To apply for the programme, candidates must submit the following documents/certificates:


  1. Photocopy of passport
  2. Document verifying the candidate’s permanent residence
  3. High school certificate or equivalent education certificate, level 3, according to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED)

The Assembly may request, on a case-by-case basis, further documentation of the candidate’s ability to cover the cost of studies and accommodation in Kozani. They may also request any extra supporting documents to evaluate candidates’ applications.


The registration process for admitted undergraduate students is overseen by the Curriculum Committee (CC) and follows a specific procedure:

  1. Announcement: The Head initiates the process by making an announcement regarding the available positions in the programme. The announcement outlines the required supporting documents that applicants must submit with their registration application.
  2. Selection: The CC is responsible for selecting successful applicants. Once selected, they are invited to pay the relevant tuition fees.
  3. Document Verification: The Administration Service validates the submitted supporting documents to ensure compliance with the relevant requirements.
  4. Registration: Upon successful validation of documents, student registration is completed. Students can then enter an electronic platform to create an institutional account.



Student Identification card


Upon application via the electronic system of the Greek Ministry of Education, students receive a Student ID.


The Administration Service maintains individual files for each student, which include a) certificates and supporting documents submitted during registration, b) photocopies of submitted certificates, and c) any scholarships or awards received.


The information contained in this section is accessible only to the competent department and students.

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