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Course Structure

  /  Course Structure
Semester 1
1 Distance Learning Education 6 Vasiliki Pliogkou– Sofia Tromara
2 Creative Writing: Foundations and Evolution 6 Triantafyllos H. KotopoulosParaskevi Chourdaki
3 Creative writing and Literature in Greek as a second/foreign language 6 Anna P. Vakali
4 Mechanics of Fiction: craft, theory and practice (Workshop) 6 Marshall Moore
5 Design thinking : Creativity for the 21st century 6 Tharenos Bratitsis
Semester 2
6 Interart poetics: from ancient Greek to contemporary culture 7,5 Georgia Kalogirou
7 Transreading Narrative and Narratology: Setting, Characters, Plot 7,5 Kotopoulos H. TriantafyllosAlexandros Miroforidis
8 Poetry and Songwriting: the emotional machine (Workshop) 7,5 Svetlana Kalezic Radonjic
9 The teacher’s Creative toolkit 7,5 Vasiliki Pliogkou – Sofia Tromara
Semester 3
10 Writing Gender and Sex 7,5 Evagelia Kalerante
11 An introduction to Theatre: from text to Performance 7,5 Gonda Van Steen
12 Writing for Children and Young Adults (Workshop) 7,5 Georgia Kalogirou
13 Creative Thinking and Writing in Management – Business Writing 7,5 Antonis Adamopoulos
Semester 4
14 The art of brevity: from short stories to flash fiction 7,5 Vernadakis Emmanuel
15 Scriptwriters’ Gym (Workshop) 7,5 Panagiotis Iosifelis
16 Creating the ​New​ Flâneur:​ The Autobiographical,​ Peripatetic, and Nomadic identities 7,5 Georgios Tzartzas
17 Effective Communication: Writing and Presentation Skills 7,5 Stella Despoudi
Semester 5
18 Drama Basics and Performing Arts (Workshop) 7,5 Panagiota Fylaktaki
19 Commercial Storytelling: Copywriting and Journalistic Writing 7,5 Nikoletta Tsitsanoudi- Mallidi
20 Art therapy: Expressive and Therapeutic Writing (Workshop) 7,5 Anna P. Vakali
21 Academic Writing – Research Methodology 7,5 Georgios Konteos
Semester 6
22 Comics and Graphic novels: Aesthetics and Ideology 7,5 Marianna Missiou
23 Multimedia and Digital Creative Writing Practice (Workshop) 7,5 Georgia Broni
24 Book Chronicles: From Typography to Digital Publishing 7,5 Evgenia Pagani
25 The New Nature Writing: Ecocritism, Enviromental Literature and Mindfulness 7,5 Georgia Kalogirou
Semester 7
26 Alternative Poetic Forms: Cretan Mantinada, Videopoems, Visual Poetry, Suburban Rap 6 Paraskevi Chourdaki
27 A Clue, a Maze and a Mystery: Investigating Crime Fiction 6 Alexandros Miroforidis
28 Editing, Proofreading and the Publishing Process 6 Marshall Moore
29 Writing the Novel 6 Kotopoulos H. Triantafyllos
30 Creative Writing in Advertising and Marketing 6 Despoina Ntio
Semester 8
31 Creative Scenarios and Gamification 6 Alexandros Miroforidis
32 Arbitrary Realities: Experimental Literature (Workshop) 6 Paraskevi Chourdaki
33 Creative Writing in Economics 6 Stamatis Kontsas
34 Writing Thesis 12
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