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The Undergraduate Study Programme ‘Creative Writing, Arts and Humanities’ is organized by the Department of Early Childhood Education, School of Social Sciences and Humanities in collaboration with the Department of Business Administration, School of Economics of the University of Western Macedonia. It is overseen by the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU, MODIP in Greek) and the competent University services, in compliance with UoWM quality policy, which focuses on continuously enhancing the quality of Study Programme, as well as the relevant educational, research and administrative work.

The specific Quality Assurance Policy is publicly available and disseminated to all stakeholders and is regularly reviewed, updated, and adapted to current conditions and requirements. Continuous feedback is given by all programme members, including the teaching staff, students, and administrative staff.

The Internal Evaluation Group (IEG, OMEA in Greek) is committed to the implementation of a quality policy that supports the academic profile and scope of the Curriculum, promotes its purpose and subject matter, sets, implements and monitors quality objectives, determines the means, actions, and methods of achieving them, and implements the appropriate internal and external quality procedures with the ultimate goal of continuous improvement.

In detail, quality policy implementation requires the application of quality procedures, which:

  • ensure adequacy of curriculum structure and organisation to meet the developments in education science,
  • pursue learning outcomes and qualifications in accordance with the European and National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education,
  • link the content of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study Programmes to the requirements of the labour market and society,
  • promote quality and effectiveness of teaching work,
  • ensure the relevance of teaching staff qualifications,
  • foster both the quality and quantity of research conducted by the academic staff members,
  • establish effective methods for linking teaching and research activities,
  • enhance quality of services supporting the educational process, such as administrative services, library, computer centre and electronic/Internet services to teaching staff members, trainees, and administrative services,
  • conduct an annual internal evaluation of undergraduate and postgraduate curricula within the framework of the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) in collaboration with the IEG and the University Quality Assurance Unit (QAU),
  • meet the requirements of the external accreditation of undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes every four years by the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education.

The above-mentioned objectives are achieved through oversight of:

  • the Curriculum Committee, engaging in designing and overseeing course content, identifying any potential overlaps or gaps in the curriculum, and ensuring compliance with relevant European curricula. Additionally, it evaluates and compares different curricula, making proposals for review when required. The Curriculum Committee also verifies that course workload corresponds to the allocated ECTS credits.
  • IEG, which is responsible for preparing internal evaluation reports of the Department with necessary information about quality assurance in undergraduate curricula and the operation of the Department. The reports will be available to all Department stakeholders and the University QAU.

The University has been awarded and implements the following:





The quality assurance policy of the specific study programme is also published on the website of the supervising department at:

UoWM quality assurance policy is also published on the University website at:

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