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Dear students

Dear students

On behalf of the University of Western Macedonia and the contributors of the study programme CREATIVE WRITING, ARTS AND HUMANITIES, which I have the honour to be the Head, I would like to congratulate you on your admission to the University of Western Macedonia and welcome you and wish a good and productive stay in Kozani, Greece, in the region of Western Macedonia.

The contemporary demand for advanced studies in Creative Writing, especially in the field of Humanities, Arts, and Education Sciences, highlights the need for competent professionals capable of addressing the needs of the creative industry. In today’s globalized market, the production of literary works, theatrical performances, and alternative art forms, such as comics, song lyrics, and advertising texts requires specialized staff to fulfill these roles.

The CREATIVE WRITING, ARTS AND HUMANITIES study programme aims to educate highly qualified scholars and writers to contribute to in the art of writing (both academic and literary) while providing specialized expertise in education and culture. The programme caters for internationally acclaimed education in the production of creative texts, fostering literary innovation and scholarly research.

Upon completion of the CREATIVE WRITING, ARTS AND HUMANITIES study programme, graduates will be able to work for international publishing houses in key positions (consultants or editors). They will also be able to work in various fields as teachers, applying the theoretical and practical principles of Creative Writing to the teaching process.

To conclude, allow me to assure you that both myself and the rest of my colleagues and the other teaching and administrative staff will be available to address any concerns that may arise during studies.

Kozani, September 2023

Professor Triantafyllos H. Kotopoulos, Head

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